Homeopathic Soulutions

Our well-being is closely connected to two things – a healthy body and mind, and a beautiful, well-organized living space.

My emphasis is on taking a holistic approach to your health and happiness through homeopathic solutions and interior design or reorganizing to create harmony in your home.


The effect of combining homeopathy with interior harmonizing is powerful and transformative.

Hi, I’m Julie Igel.

Julie Igel - Founder of Homeopathic Soulutions

Thank you for visiting my website Homeopathic Soulutions.

I am a Classical Homeopath, and have been using homeopathy for nearly 20 years now. I am a graduate of the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and I have a private practice in beautiful Encinitas, California. I feel very passionate about creating a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit as well as creating a happy and well balanced home life.

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